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2022 Colors of the Year

2022 Colors of the Year


This is almost like a holiday season for those in the housing industry; it’s time of year when major paint companies introduce their Colors of the year. It adds a little bit of extra joy sprinkled in with the incoming spring weather. And it’s exciting because we get to see how these colors will influence interiors over the next few years as well!


Color Experts

These hand-picked paints come from color experts in the field. More often than not, they influence kitchen and bath trends. Designers love when homeowners gravitate towards new colors for a fresh perspective on their space. In the past we have seen grays, yellows, and even turquoise back in ‘06.

To make it easy, we’ve compiled a list of the top forecasted colors for 2022 to help inspire your home interior journey!


Color Forecast!

The top forecasted colors for 2022 include, Behr – Breezeway, Benjamin Moore – October Mist, Pittsburgh Paints – Olive Sprig, Valspar – Blanched Thyme, Glidden – Guacamole, Farrow & Ball – Breakfast Room Green, Sherwin Williams – Evergreen Fog, Akzo Nobel – Bright Skies, Farrow & Ball – Stone Blue, Valspar – Mountain River, and Valspar – Orchid Ash.


Colors of the Year

In recent years, Colors of the Year have been heavily influenced by blue-grays. Considering recent color trends in cabinets, we’re not surprised to see that greens are now making a big splash. By grouping these colors into categories, we can more easily talk about them in-depth.


Fresh Shades of Green

The strong influence of greens – like Breezeway, October Mist, Olive Sprig, and Evergreen Fog – are cool and fresh. These greens are usable as long-term, neutral colors anywhere in the home. They are also stunning choices for cabinetry. If shades of white or cream are in your home’s overall color palette, these greens will work great to add a pop of color.


Spectrum of Blues

Some of the colors of the year still do fall into the blue family, which we know has been very popular in cabinetry for the last five years. Orchid Ash, Bright Skies, Stone Blue and, Mountain River show how the blue tones are evolving into 2022. This broader spectrum of blues is very useable and showcases why blue has become a mainstream staple in the home.



We can’t wait to work with you and see what colors you choose for your home walls, cabinets, and more. Check out our portfolio for even more ideas!