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Knobs & Pulls

One of my favorite details of a home is the knobs and pulls for cabinetry. These fine details are really like putting the right bow on a gift. They are also a fantastic way to express yourself as a homeowner, designer, or business establishment. Details of expression are often preferred as full themes can come off as too permanent. Something small like a knob can give way to pops of color or fun shapes without overtaking the vibe. Let’s talk about some of the different styles trending right now.

Modern, streamlined hardware styles are still going strong and appear to be sticking around.  People are using designs that can withstand changing themes, but the are also playing with placement locations.  Current styles trending are a combination of minimalistic and mid century modern. Here are current design trends in cabinet hardware, as well as a few roundups of what people are actually buying. It’s interesting to see where they overlap; homeowners aren’t exactly buying into the same trends as interior designers.

Cabinet Hardware Trends of 2022

  1. Minimalistic Styles
  2. Spanish Pulls
  3. Combo pulls on uppers knobs on bottoms
  4. Cylinder Bar Pulls
  5. Square Bar Pulls
  6. Pearl and Iridescent Knobs
  7. No pulls/knobs
  8. Matte Black
  9. Brass or Gold toned
  10. Centered Placement


What Have We Learned?

Whatever your cabinet hardware pick, there are more options than ever, which can be exciting if you are into cabinet hardware such as knobs and pulls. We are happy to help guide you in choosing your hardware. Or if you have an eye for design and already have some in mind, that works for us too! If you haven’t already purchased your knobs or pulls just run your idea by us to double check they are compatible for your cabinetry. Take a look at our portfolio to see what some of our past clients have chosen!