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Planning A Bathroom Remodel

Planning A Bathroom Remodel

Planning a bathroom remodel? DBI would love to help. We offer free consultations; but, here are some tips to get you dreaming!

Vision Board

Start with a vision board. Whether you’re cutting photos from magazines and ads or using a digital version like Pinterest or just saving images from Instagram or other online sources… SAVE everything that speaks to you.

Set Goals

Define your priorities and set goals. A remodel can get overwhelming quickly, but rank every choice by priorities. Are you wanting to make your space family-friendly or user-friendly? Do you need more storage? Are you looking to mainly update colors? What DIY muscles are you prepared to flex? How much time do you want to spend on this makeover? Sometimes a makeover can be as simple as paint (even on tile and on cabinets), and sometimes you’re ready to truly go for it and fully demo a space first… this is something you should decide BEFORE you even begin, or you can find yourself in too deep, and quickly.


Measure, measure, and then measure again. From the size vanity, you need/want, to the amount of tile or paint you’ll need. From the door size to the shower opening, etc. For every part of the design that you’ll be updating and/or replacing, make sure you take detailed measurements. It’s much quicker to measure a couple of times and write those measurements down than it is to make a purchase or order only to find it won’t fit or work in your space.

Lay Out

Lay it out first. Once you have a good idea of what you want to happen in the space, find photos online or pictures of the items you want to use and lay them out so you can see how they all work together.

DBI Kitchen and Bath

Are you ready for a bathroom renovation? At DBI Kitchen and Bath, we work with all types of projects, big and small. We have worked with many families, businesses, and realtors in the area who have been pleased with our practice. Schedule a consultation with our team to discuss your plans!

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